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Book Repair / Bookbinding

Professional, Tender Loving Care for your books in distress.

Some of the books shown have before and after pictures, some do not.
Despite all my good intentions, sometimes I forget to take either the before or the after picture.

What type of book do I repair the most?  The Holy Bible.


What this Bibe looked like before.

What the same Bible looked like after.







 Bibles come to me in various conditions.
Many times I have to build brand new covers
for them.

A soft cover can become a
hard cover and a hard cover can
become a soft cover.

I always try to save as much of the original
as possible.  The finished Bibles to the 
right have their original outer spines.



The next most popular book that comes in for repair is cookbooks.



Some of the cookbooks contain recipes
handwritten by a Grandmother, Mother,
Aunt, as the book above and the book
to the right were.

Some are old favorites that the
customer wants to preserve and 
be able to continue using, like 
"Betty Crocker's Cookbook" and the
"Boston School of Cooking" below.




What the new covers look like depends on
what the customer wants.

The customers for the Bear book, "Betty Crocker's
Cookbook" and the "Boston School of Cooking" 
wanted as much of the original saved as possible.

The customer for the cookbook above didn't want
to save any of the original covers, of which there
was only one left.  They wanted simple brown 
covers with a lable on the front 
"Grandma Belle's Cookbook".



The Bibles come to me in all sizes also.  From the personal size seen above, to the big Family / Pulpit Bibles.

















Whether or not  book is "worth" fixing depends not so much on its monetary value as what it is worth to you.
And sometimes what it is worth to you can not be measured in dollars.






   A lady felt bad that her grandson had missed getting one of his high school yearbooks.
For a graduation present she contacted the yearbook company, hoping to be able to buy a
copy of the missing yearbook. 

The yearbook company said they could not help her, but they gave their written permission
for her to have the pages photocopied.  This lady tracked down someone who had a copy of
the needed yearbook, borrowed it and brought it to me.

Because I do not have the equipment to make quality color copies, we enlisted Sunrise Imaging in Macedon, NY, to make the copies, and I bound pages and new covers together, overlaying a copy of the original
cover onto the cover of the new book.

Above you see the loose pages, the pages bound in new covers, and the "copy" beside the original.



"Master Thoughts" Before and After.











Some of the pre-1900 books I've worked on.


"Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant".
Both volumes of this set were in the same condition so I only took a before picture of one of them.







"The Evangelical Magazine" is a 12 volume set.  The two volumes pictured below are a good representation
of the condition of all the volumes, before and after.






"On Liberty", before and after.





"History of Monroe County".  If you look closely at the middle picture, you can see some of the page repair that
I did before putting the book back together.   Sadly, I did not get an "after" picture.







  "Sketches of Rochester, New York", before and after.

 "Under Both Flags"






  "Telemachus" before and after.


 "Famous Leaders and Battle Scenes
of the Civil War"